First overview over my music box – software

The software runs on the Raspberry Pi, for all of you who do not know what a Raspberry Pi is :  click here.

Everything is based on raspbian, a linux distribution based on debian. I used the fstab file to automatically mount the first 10 block devices it finds onto “/media/sda/”,  “/media/sdb1”, “/media/sdc1”, etc . “/media/” is then used as the music folder for the Music Player Daemon. HostAPD together with Dnsmasq are used to spawn the WLan and make the Pi traceable with an URL (i used ). If the LAN connection is established, the Pi acts as NAT and let clients accsess its shared LAN connection. (for infos how to, see here). I use a Samba server to accsess the USB-sticks once they are connected. Lighttpd and php is used to host a small website on the pi, including a PHP-mpd-client.

A more detailed description, including an sd-cad image and config files will be posted as soon as i got more time to write.

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