Multiple Hotkey Settings for the C++ Client

Did you always want to use more than one hotkey setting without changing them every time you relog? well it is easy:
(The following does only work with Windows, a Linux version is comming when i have time)

Open your Editor and copy the following text into it, then save that file under LaunchTibia.bat and make sure that you have “all files” selected at the type, and not only .txt. Or you could also download our already created .bat file

@echo off
color 0A
title Tibia Hotkey Manager

IF EXIST "%ProgramFiles(X86)%\Tibia" set TibiaExe="%ProgramFiles(X86)%\Tibia"
IF EXIST "%ProgramFiles%\Tibia" set TibiaExe="%ProgramFiles%\Tibia"
set HotkeyPath="%AppData%\Tibia"

echo Welcome, %USERNAME%
echo Select your hotkey file please
echo 1. Knight
echo 2. Paladin
echo 3. Druid
echo 4. Sorcerer
set /p choice="Enter your choice: "

if "%choice%"=="1" set f="knight.cfg"
if "%choice%"=="2" set f="paladin.cfg"
if "%choice%"=="3" set f="druid.cfg"
if "%choice%"=="4" set f="sorcerer.cfg"

copy /y "%HotkeyPath%\%f%" "%HotkeyPath%\Tibia.cfg"

cd %TibiaExe%\

copy /y "%HotkeyPath%\Tibia.cfg" "%HotkeyPath%\%f%"

If you then want to have a special hotkey set, you simply do the following: double click the file, then you enter the number of the set you want to use (for example “3” for druid) and then you press enter. But keep the black window open in the background. It will close when you close Tibia. If you want to switch the hotkey set you need to restart Tibia.

It will look like this:

Tibia Hotkey Manager

Tibia Hotkey Manager

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